VA Senate and House Democrats Hold “Crossover” Priorities Press Conference

Today, Senate Caucus Chair Mamie Locke, Senator Aaron Rouse, House Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring, and Delegate Shelly Simonds held a joint press conference to highlight their shared priorities following Crossover last week.

Headed into Session, the caucuses shared their joint “Vision for Virginia” – a series of shared values, focused on creating an economy that works for hardworking Virginians, protecting our freedoms from extremism, delivering a world-class education, and keeping Virginia communities safe and healthy. Today, they discussed their shared legislative priorities as both caucuses vote which bills to send to the Governor to sign in these final weeks of session.

“Last week was crossover, or in football terms halftime. And at halftime, you get together with your team, come up with your plan, and get back to work,” said Senator Aaron Rouse. “But now, as we enter the final two weeks of session, the second half, the 3rd quarter, Senate and House Democrats aren’t slowing down. We’re putting our foot to the pedal, working together for one final push to send this legislation to Governor Youngkin’s desk and ensure our progress.”

“We’ve passed incredible legislation to make our communities safer through common sense gun safety, important education initiatives to deliver a world class education, and legislation that helps Virginia families,” said Senate Caucus Chair Mamie Locke. “Now we are committed to protecting our progress. While my colleagues and I in the Senate look for common ground, look to work together, and look to deliver for Virginians – and in many places we do – there are many bills that the Senate is voting on now, that just don’t cut it.”

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